Man becomes millionaire for several hours

HUNAN – CHINA. A man in Changsha, Hunan Province, became a billionaire for several hours after a bank mistakenly deposited more than 1.2 billion yuan (RM 780 million) into his account on January 15.

The man, surnamed Liu, had opened an account with Rural Commercial Bank in Wangcheng District at 3pm.

When he went back home, he received a phone call from the bank staff who said a large amount of money had been put into his account by mistake.

Liu went back to the bank after 6pm and returned the money.

According to media reports, the mistake was done by a new clerk who wrongly input the passbook number – 1212405360 as the amount to be transferred into the account.

Before Liu returned the money, he was given a packet of cigarettes, and a red envelope with 200 yuan later (RM 130).

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