The Love Triangle Between Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Gum and Yeo Jin Hoo

There have been a number of rumors that point to Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum having an affair with each other.  This is because of the close friendship that the two have. However, reports are coming in that say that Song Joong Ki is jealous of Yeo Jin Hoo. It is worth knowing that Yeo Jin Hoo is a close friend of Park Bo Gum.
In one of the interviews, Yeo Jin Hoo reveals the truth between the connection he has with Park Bo Gum. He says that they have a very close connection with each other and that they have a special friendship going on.

According to Korea Portal, Park Bo Gum was the first to initiate talking with Yeo Jin Hoo. It then soon lead to the close friendship that would blossom between the two of them.

The actor then reveals that he had saw Park Bo Gum once in an award show and in a couple of movie premiers. Since then, he wished that they could become friends. And so, that was just what happened.
Another hint that Park Bo Gum and Yeo Jin Hoo have a relationship is when Yeo Jin Hoo says that there was a time when Park Bo Gum sent him a food truck that includes a sweet personal message for him. The message says that Park Bo Gum wants to see his newest friend really soon.

With this, it makes perfect sense for Song Joong Ki to get jealous of Yeo Jin Hoo, knowing that he and Park Bo Gum are also very close friends. According to Headline Grabber, there are even reports that they have a relationship with each other and that they recently split because of Yeo Jin Hoo. Though there is no confirmation regarding this matter, it still is a plausible speculation.

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