Ayda Jebat declares she’s ready for love

GORGEOUS actress and singer Ayda Jebat has declared that she is ready for love.
“As a woman who is now 25 years old, I think it is not wrong to be in love. I am ready,” Ayda, whose full name is Nur Suhada Jebat, was quoted as saying in Metro Ahad.

Ayda, who has appeared in the TV3 drama Ku Kirim Cinta, said however that “love” was all fated.
As for the celebrity gossip about her, the actress who is popular for the drama Rindu Awak 200 Peratus dismissed it as mere rumours.

“I have no problem having to deal with such gossip as long as it does not affect my credibility as an artiste,” she said.

> A reader of Metro Ahad wrote to its advice column, seeking views about his wife who had always insisted on going back to her pa­­rents’ home for Hari Raya.
“I have been married more than 13 years but I have never had the experience of celebrating Hari Raya with my own parents,” said the man named Ghazli from Perak.

“Each year, I have to return to my wife’s kampung in the east coast.”
He spoke of how his wife would sometimes buy the bus or flight tickets earlier.
“So whether I like it or not, I would have to go to her hometown first,” he lamented.
In the reply to him, the advice columnist asked him not to give up and to continue persuading his wife in various ways.

“Likewise, don’t forget to ask the wife to respect your position as the husband.”


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