Hong Kong woman caught smuggling into China 102 iPhones strapped to her body

According to a report by China National Radio on July 11, 2017, a Hong Kong woman was caught smuggling 102 iPhones into China through the Luohu Customs by strapping all of the goods onto her body.
The incident occurred in Shenzhen on June 30, 2017.Adding to the list of smuggled accessories were 15 Tissot watches.Altogether 117 items amounting to about 20kg were strapped all over her upper body over some pieces of clothing.

According to the customs police, she used rolls of chest-binders and elastic wraps to strap numerous layers of iPhones onto herself, with each roll taking up at least four layers of iPhones.

Upon looking at her shapely body, one of the customs officers “felt that there was something peculiar about this woman”. He then explained during an interview with the media:“She’s wearing a little too much for the warm weather these days. She doesn’t look like she’s sick too. I also noticed that her upper body was much more swollen than her lower body, and it’s obvious that her body was disproportionate.”And that’s when her disproportionate look foiled her plans.

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