Erma Fatima, Bade divorced after 26 years of marriage

KUALA LUMPUR: Film and drama producer-cum-director, as well as actress Fatimah Rahmad, or popularly known as Erma Fatima, and Badaruddin Azmi, also known as Bade, were divorced today after 26 years of marriage. Bade ended the marriage after pronouncing "talak satu" against Erma Fatima at the Gombak Timur Syariah Court before judge Shaiful Azli Jamaluddin, who allowed Bade to make the divorce pronouncement after being satisfied that the marriage could not be saved anymore.

However, before Bade made the divorce pronouncement, Shaiful Azli gave opportunity for the couple to shake hands and seek forgiveness from one another as husband and wife for the last time.
The couple hugged for awhile, before Bade pronounced the divorce against Erma Fatima, who produced and played the title role in the popular TV series "Mak Cun". Bade, 53, who is a director, filed for the divorce last Oct 10 under Section 47 of the Islamic Family Law (State of selangor) Enactment. The couple married on Nov 30, 1991 and has five adopted children - Syamil Ikhwan, 24, Ahmad Arir, 22, Ahmad Aifin, 20, Citra, 15, and Nurain, 11.

Erma Fatima, 49, who was represented by Syariah lawyer Datuk Jamal Mohd Lokman Sulaiman had filed for the divorce in May 2015, but withdrew the application. Bade, who is now married with a child, arrived at the court alone at about 10.30 am, and about 20 minutes later, Erma Fatima arrived. She was accompanied by her sister and close friends.


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