Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse spotted in Japan

It has been three years since Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse got back together after their breakup in 2002. The couple have always maintained a low profile and avoided the spotlight, but were recently seen together at an airport in Japan last Thursday (Aug 24).The couple kept to themselves and blended in with the crowd. Nicholas was clad in a simple white hat, a denim jacket over a plain t-shirt and carrying a yellow backpack while Faye opted for a loose grey t-shirt and jeans, paired with sunglasses.It was speculated that the reason the couple took this trip to Japan was to celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s day which happens today (Aug 28) and coincides with Nicholas’s 37th birthday the following day (Aug 29).

On-lookers noticed that they were not behaving intimately and even kept a distance from one another when queuing, both busy on their phones.

Their behaviour here was the complete opposite as to when they were previously photographed at an airport in February this year, where they were seen showering each other with affection, not taking their eyes off each other.Nicholas and Faye reunited in 2014, three years after his high-profile divorce with fellow actress Cecilia Cheung.
Photo: PBE Media

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