Woman complains of bed bug bites after 2-way S’pore-HK Scoot flights

A frequent flyer has taken to Facebook to complain about bed bug bites on her arms after embarking on two-way Singapore-Hong Kong Scoot flights:
She wrote in an Aug. 12 post to the carrier that her complaints were not addressed, which was why she was making it public.
Hi there, I really didn’t want to post this here but given that you chose to ignore my private FB messages and continue pushing promo stuff on this page – thought this might actually be a better idea.
I took flights TR-2062 and TR-2069 on Tuesday 8 August from Singapore to Hong Kong and back. After I touched down, I noticed my arms and back had a cluster of bed bug bites. As it was a daytrip to HK, these bites could not have come from anywhere apart from the plane.
I’ve taken FlyScoot’s planes a couple of times now so the fact that there are bed bugs on the seats of your planes is extremely concerning for me. I also noticed that this does not seem to be the first time: https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/yikes-bed-bugs-infestation-scoot-flight-taipei-customer-recovery-appalling
What’s even more appalling is your careless attitude to what appears to be a serious issue which concerns the health of passengers onboard your planes.
Would appreciate a response, thanks.The woman also uploaded another image of her arm in the comments section of the post:

Previous bed bug bites incident

The previous alleged bed bug bites complaint the woman referenced in her post was from September 2016, on a flight from Taipei to Singapore.

I had one of the worst flight ever. My partner and I was taking a flight TZ201 by Scoot from Taipei to Singapore which was suppose to depart at 1535. However it delayed to 1915 but we boarded the plane only at 1932.
Just like any regular planes, we want a peaceful and safe flight but it turned out to be a nightmare.
45 minutes before landing, my partners’s arm were itching like crazy. It turned out to be bed-bugs bite.
We even saw the bug itself being brown and about 0.5cm on the chair. But we were panicking and didn’t manage to take a snapshot of the bug.
Upon landing, we informed an air stewardess on the flight but she told us to write into the company regarding this matter, however she would inform Scoot on behalf of us as well.
When we called into the company regarding this issue, a Philippino customer service agent named Gino simply told us that there’s nothing we can do regarding this issue and let it go.
He even mentioned that we can simply make a fuss regarding this issue online and let people know about it despite the fact that people can avoid taking this airline again.
We were simply seeking for a solution whether we can do an insurance claim etc. but he mentioned that we can go online and spread the word, make a big hoo-ha about this issue. How unprofessional.
Is there anything we can do about it? http://mothership.sg

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