Workers who helped move stuck car at Waterway Point were driver's employees Read

SINGAPORE: The foreign workers who came together to help move a stuck car at Waterway Point in Punggol were employees of the car's driver, a spokesperson for the mall clarified on Friday (Sep 22).
The workers had been lauded as "heroes" online after a video of them moving a silver Honda that was stuck on a flight of stairs was widely shared on Facebook.After the incident, which happened on Thursday evening, three foreign workers tried moving the car but were unable to. They then took out their phones to call for reinforcements. At least another 10 workers later turned up to help move the car.

A Waterway Point spokesperson said the driver had taken a wrong turn from the driveway and his car ended up stuck on the stairs. The mall's staff then cordoned off the area and helped to direct traffic.
"The driver activated his workers from his company to push his car back to the driveway," the spokesperson said, adding that the man drove off before a tow truck could arrive.Nobody was injured in the incident.

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