3 double-decker buses have crashed into same shelter opposite VivoCity in 2017

Three double-decker buses have crashed into the same taxi stand shelter opposite VivoCity in 2017.
The first two incidents earlier in the year involved Tower Transit buses.The latest third incident involved a SBS Transit bus.

Third incident

The latest incident occurred on Oct. 28 at around 7.10pm.
The impact shattered the upper deck windshield of the SBS Transit bus.
No injuries were reported.

The likely causes

In the July incident, the Tower Transit bus captain was reported to have mistaken the taxi stand shelter for the bus stop.
The regularity of such accidents occurring has been debated amongst public transport enthusiasts.
Members of the group pointed out that the taxi stand shelter is only 3.7m instead of the usual 4.5m height, that will allow double-decker buses to easily pass under it.

There is also a tendency for the buses to swerve left to keep to the left-most bus lane, due to the right lanes experiencing congestion with vehicles lined up to turn right at the traffic light junction.

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