Couple who moved in together after dating for 1 week gets married at S'pore cafe

An unlikely meeting of two individuals at a Boracay dragon boat event in May 2015 finally culminated in a union between Stomper Jarrick and his fiancée, Sophie, in Singapore last Saturday (Oct 28). The joyous event took place at at kult kafé, which is located along Upper Wilkie Road.
In a telephone interview, Jarrick told Stomp how the two of them had met as participants in the dragon boat event.

Jarrick said that before meeting Sophie, he had been single for ‘so long and was so old’, that his mother thought that he was not interested in the opposite sex.After getting to know each other, Jarrick continued dating Sophie when the two returned to Singapore after the event.That was when Jarrick popped the question, asking her if he could move in with her.To his surprise, she was agreeable to his request.

Said Jarrick: "I still do not know what came over me I just asked her if I could move my things in. I didn’t even pack for it, so I had to return home for more things."According to Jarrick, Sophie ‘made the first move’ during their courtship, when she offered him antiseptic cream after he brushed against a coconut tree and got injured in Boracay.

However, according to her, it was he who made the first move, going up to her room to ask her if she wanted to have dinner with him and his friends. Although the stories are clearly different, both ended the same way -- a happily ever after for the couple.Let’s wish this couple a blissful marriage ahead!

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