Help needed to locate woman who kept someone else’s handphone!

A netizen went on Facebook to request for help to share her story. She lost her handphone after leaving it behind at a bubble tea stall.After placing her order, and making payment for the drink, she accidentally left phone on the counter and walked away.A lady who was behind her in the queue apparently proceeded to place her order and made payment. In the CCTV footage which the stall manager shared with the phone owner, the lady was seen to make payment for her drink and took the phone and placed it in her bag instead of informing the phone owner.

Along with her handphone, she also lost her Identity Card, debit cards and EZ-link card.
The phone owner requests for help to report the lady to the police if any handphone shop notice the lady selling the said handphone with the following IMEI number:

IMEI1: 867934028058933
IMEI2: 867934028058925

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