Young boy almost lost his life after eating soba noodles and oranges

Steve Ong posted his horrible experience when he almost lost his son due to soba noodles yesterday (7 October 2017)
This is what he said on his post:
I almost lost a son today.
During dinner, Braxton had some soba noodles and oranges. Shortly after, his lips and eyes turned reddish, and tummy began to bloat. My wife thought its due to earlier medication as he was sick for past few days. However things turned complicated. He started to cough (wheezing sound) and developed difficulty breathing. Sensing something not right, my wife quickly rushed him to the clinic located in the mall (luckily its still open) for immediate medical aid. Dr Lai Yirong of Physicians Practice Family Medical Centre at United Sq overheard Brax’s unusual coughing sound and dashed out of her room to assess his condition. His airway had swelled and was cutting off his air supply. It was between life and death.

She quickly carried out treatment on Brax but he was totally unresponsive and in the state of sleep. “Keep him awake! Don’t let him sleep!” Dr Lai told my wife. The situation was very tense and Dr Lai did all she could to regain his breathing. Finally his condition took a turn after nebuliser was administered. My son was saved and coping well now, currently warded for further observation and allergic test.

To all parents, we witnessed how life threatening an allergic reaction could be. And it could potentially be due to the soba noodle (buckwheat ingredient) where reported cases of anaphylatic shock in Japan and UK took away a few lives. If your kids are trying out soba for the first time, pls pay some attention.Lastly, our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Lai Yirong. She kept Brax’s dreams alive.
*I have received requests from friends to share this post. Pls do if we can help raise awareness. Thanks!

*Buckwheat Allergy*

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