Couple killed after car smashed by trailer on Malaysia's North-South Highway Read

SEREMBAN, Malaysia: A married couple were killed last Friday (Oct 27) in an accident with a trailer on Malaysia's North-South Highway near the Seremban rest stop.Malaysians Lau Lian Huat, 62 and his wife Lim Ah Gim, 60, were pronounced dead at the scene after a trailer slammed into their car from the opposite side of the expressway.

Dashcam footage of the accident shows that the trailer was travelling southwards on the leftmost lane when it suddenly swerved, cutting across the highway to the rightmost lane and crashing through a guardrail.The trailer then smashed three cars on the opposite side of the highway, including the Perodua Alza belonging to the deceased couple. Three others who were travelling in the other two cars were injured. 

The trailer driver, a 59-year-old Malaysian man, fled from the scene after the crash. He surrendered himself to police on Sunday, two days after the accident.

Source: Bernama/am

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