Vietnamese girl dies after getting electrocuted by iPhone cable

Most of us probably have dozed off while charging our mobile phones at night. But the seemingly harmless deed cost one Vietnamese teen her life.According to The Sun, 14-year-old schoolgirl Le Thi Xoan died in her sleep after being electrocuted by a faulty iPhone charging cable.
Investigators at the scene speculated that the victim plugged her iPhone 6 and lay on her bed - as she did so every night - alongside it.

They also discovered a burnt white cable with a slight tear in the rubber casing, which left several live wires exposed.The cable also had visible tears on it, which may have electrocuted her with the current, the report said.

A see-through tape was also wrapped around the wire's faulty area, which suggests that Xoan was aware of the tear, but opted to continue using it.Meanwhile, police also noticed that the cable also appeared shorter than the Apple's original 0.5-meter (20-inch) charging device.
Officials were checking if it was indeed an original Apple wire or a third-party device.

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