S’poreans heap praise on woman who chased down child-kicker in Yishun, man arrested

The man in Yishun who kicked a passing 10-year-old boy for no apparent reason has been arrested under the Mental Health Act, Channel NewsAsia reports. 
The incident occurred on Thursday, Nov. 29, around 12.30pm along Yishun Ring Road. In case you haven’t yet heard about it, here’s the story:

From this unfortunate incident, however, we find ourselves more interested in the stranger lady who managed to chase the perpetrator down, even convincing him to return to the scene and wait till the police arrived.
She has now been identified as one Doreen Chew, a resident of the hallowed Singaporean town Yishun. She relates her experience of the events that unfolded that day in a Facebook post:
According to Chew’s post, she was on the way to buy some books with her daughter when she heard a commotion, and subsequently saw the young boy flat on the ground.
The boy’s elderly relatives were asking for help to catch the culprit, but no one from among the bystanders at the scene went to their aid.

“I have a mental cert” / “Me too”

In the spur of the moment, Chew decided to run after the man.
When she caught up with him at a traffic junction with red light, she described his manner as “defensive and aggressive”. 
Nonetheless, Chew remained undeterred, and managed to convince him to head back to the scene of assault with her.
The man even told Chew that he has a “mental cert”, to which she replied, surprisingly, “Me too”.
Halfway through the walk back, however, the man punched Chew from behind, almost making her fall over.
After a warning from Chew, he stopped the physical attacks, but started ranting instead.
Thankfully, the police arrived just five minutes after Chew called them.
Besides the boy’s family who thanked her profusely, people of the internet were coming forward to heap praise on her as well:

Chew writes in her post: “Nothing beats knowing my kids is as proud of me as I am proud of them.”

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