Ex-Singapore Idol Hady Mirza a Grab driver now

Singapore Idol Season 2 winner Hady Mirza is now a Grab driver.A screenshot of Hady’s Grab driver profile has been shared on social media the past few weeks.

The screenshot showed the profile photo of the 37-year-old.Also visible is his full name, Muhammad Mirzahady Amin. He drives a Toyota Wish.The “JustGrab” sign indicates that Hady signed up as a Grab driver. JustGrab automatically assigns the nearest vehicle, either a taxi or car, to the commuter.
Since winning the singing competition in 2006, Hady has been a motivator for local youth group FRHM Youth.

The singer-turned-entrepreneur-turned-Grab driver, known for his song, You Give Me Wings, also runs a chilli tempeh snack business.

If you’re a frequent Grab passenger, chances are you might come across a driver singing along to the tunes of “You Give Me Wings”.That’s because Singapore Idol’s Season 2 winner Hady Mirza is now a Grab driver, it seems.
A screenshot of the singer, entrepreneur and now JustGrab driver was shared on Facebook via the page @rilekonecorner in late December. It was shared again on @allsgstuff on Wednesday morning (3 January).The screenshot showed a profile photo of the 37-year-old, along with his full name, Muhammad Mirzahady Amin, and the type of car he was driving – a Toyota Wish.
The post was shared on the first Facebook page more than 300 times, with several commenters expressing their excitement. 

“Nice… I always take Grab. Would love to meet my Sg Idol!” said a Clark Kento.
“Wow. He’s working a lot huh,” said a Roseleeza Ramlee. Since winning the singing competition, Hady Mirza has spent a big part of his life as a motivator for local youth group FRHM Youth and running his chilli tempeh snack business.In 2014, he tied the knot with Malaysian Nurjannah Nur Wahid, who was selected by his mother.

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