Flood in S’pore failed to dampen golden Mercedes woman’s sunny disposition

Floodwaters inundated multiple areas in Singapore on Monday morning, Jan. 8, 2018.
The flood ruined many people’s day, with many vehicles stalled and commuters forced onto higher ground to stay dry.

For those who required help, the Singapore Civil Defence Force were around to lend a hand, as one of the areas to be flooded was Upper Changi Road — right in front of Changi Fire Station.
Others who were baffled by the sudden rising waters, relied on themselves to get out of the watery predicament.

Woman and her stalled car

One individual, who stood out during Monday’s flood, is this golden Mercedes woman driver:
As her car stalled in the middle of the road — like another vehicle opposite her — she could only throw her hands up and shrug her shoulders in disbelief, like is this really how she was going to start her week?

Seemingly unfazed, she was later photographed pushing her stalled car by herself, with pants rolled up in knee-deep waters.

The aftermath

Some follow-up photos have emerged on social media the next day, showing the aftermath of the flooded out golden Mercedes.
The woman most likely got her vehicle to the side of the road, but was no longer able to drive it as it appeared haphazardly parked by the curb.The note on her dashboard read: “Sorry. My car died in this morning’s flood. Will pick it up as soon as I can. Thanks.”

Following the publication of these aftermath images, there have been some speculation about the woman’s identity.Besides noting how independent she was and her sunny disposition given the conditions, some are guessing she could be a medical professional, judging by the same-coloured shirt and pants she was seen wearing.Others noted that regardless of vehicle type or how new it is, anything would have drowned under these circumstances.A pity, judging by how sturdy that old-school but looking slightly worse for wear Mercedes had been — until Jan. 8, 2018 when it finally met its match. source mothership.sg

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