Wife travels from Sengkang to Kranji just to have meals with husband at work

Here’s a story about love. The simple kind that screams “old-school relationship goals but more relevant than ever”.This comes at a time when a lot of youngsters are finding love in hopeless places and wondering what it takes for their parents to stay together after so many years of marriage.

Secret to lasting marriage is no secret

One guy figured it out by looking to his own parents.A photo accompanied by a story of his elderly parents was shared on Facebook about a year ago, but has been making the rounds again the past few days.And it is no surprise why so many people relate to it.

According to the post, the guy’s mother would travel all the way from Sengkang to Kranji just to share meals with her husband, who works long hours of up to 12 hours a day to provide for the family.Armed with the knowledge that he is well-fed, the homemaker then makes the journey back home knowing her husband is not going hungry.This is despite her not having to go that distance.
The point of the anecdote could be how a well-fed man is the foundation of a lasting marriage — but it’s more about how simple reciprocity is all it takes some times in a world seemingly overwhelmed by Tinder and instant gratification.

In case you can’t see it, this is the full post:

Many times have i heard stories of girls telling that a real guy is hard to find. However its not about who is suppose to be the perfect one. An act of simple kindness and sincerity comes from oneself.Below is a picture of my parents,Father works more than 12 hours a day (under the hot sun) just to let my mom have a good life, but she still chosed not to sit and relax even tho she can have a good life.She will travel all the way from sengkang to kranji just to share meals with dad and make sure dad wont go hungry, then go back home saying “Now i can rest with ease knowing your dad is not hungry and hes all good”

A defination of a strong woman is not only just independent, but a strong woman is a person who will stand by the partner side no matter what the situation is.Remember, even a worst man on a planet can be tamed by a woman not because she is strong physically or mentally, but a person who share sincerity, love, care and loyalty towards that man.
Now thats a thats a defination of a strong lady.

Remember, a woman has the ability to tame the beast of a man, not just being strong in her own ways. She’s better than that.Im lucky to have great lesson taught by my parents not by words, but by the act shown as an example.Health is the greatest gift Contentment is the greatest wealth Faithfulness is the best relationship

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