Police investigating case of phone theft in Yishun

SINGAPORE - A police report was made after a man allegedly stole his cell phone on Friday night (July 13).  The alleged theft occurred at the SK Telecom mobile phone shop on Block 101 on Yishun Avenue 5 around 9 pm. In a video seen by The Straits Times, a man with black hats and a shirt is seen walking into the store and picking up the phone from the counter unattended before leaving.

The people in the shop, including two staff and three customers, did not notice that the man had left the phone. The store manager, Mr. Andrew Goh, 36, told his colleague and he both attended the customer and was unaware that the phone was lost until their customers confirmed it.

 "Two people will buy the phone, and when we turn around, they realize it's gone," said Mr. Goh. "That's when I checked the CCTV footage and realized someone picked it up." This phone is a golden iPhone 6S Plus, which according to Goh is worth about $ 400. To his surprise, he said:

 "I have been working here for four years, and this is the first time something has been stolen." Police said the investigation was under way

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